ABOUT ScopeChat

ScopeChat allows you to share secrets, talk, Rant, ask questions and share important news worthy information with people within and up to a 15 mile radius, without anyone knowing who you are. Users are allowed to post pictures, 30 sec videos or attach images to their post. If the post is not safe for work (NSFW) you tag it as such so that users who do not want to see it can filter it out. ScopeChat also allows you to PRIVATE CHAT with any other user.


Post Picture & Video (30 sec)

200 Character text post

500ft - 15mi post distance

Private Messaging

Comment on posts

All Posts auto delete after 9 days

Change Your Display Name anytime
(when done your history will also be deleted)

NSFW filter

Block users & Report Posts

Turn Off Private messages.


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